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listen people, please? this is so horrible it's makes me sick to my stomach.

these dirty, nasty, embarrassment to the society, creatures, have also sent a letter to me. i never gave anything to them, because it sounds like a rip off. i have look at the website and seen so many people getting rip off. now they are trying to rip me off, that's a ***, nope.

of course, i figure it was to good to be true, so i went to the website.

the address they sent me is 2610 conejo spectrum thousand oaks ca 91320 usa. these people should be in jail for their entire life.

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First of all after examining this program I found the following warning signs: 1. recieved two packets with two different amounts asked for as good faith, one was $49.00 the other was $167.00 someone goofed?

2. The program says you must be one of the first 100 people to respond, yet I recieved a simular packet three months ago which I trashed. 3. They try to upsell you right away for a website for $2000.00(even before you start, to see if you can succeed)!

4.Contact is by mail instead of E-mail which is cheap and not a nornal contact method anymore. 5. Two weeks to get your starter kit unless you pay an extra $10 dollars to expedite your kit. Two weeks?

They must not want your business very bad if they will make you wait that long to start. Seriously no Internet contact, that puts this company the stone ages.On here supporting this company has to be plants to make the company look good!


In jail? For what?

If you know so many people that got ripped off, I know so many people that made thousands.

Theres no reason they should be going to jail because they're company is really good and positive. Ive been helped well and I am out of the financial situation I was in recently thanks to Zaken


How would you know that they were going to rip you off if you didn't even give them a chance. Half the people online are liars.

They just didn't try and they failed so they tell people it is a rip off. I tried it myself and am still doing it for almost a year and I haven't been ripped off once.


I have worked with all the managers for this company and I can assure you that they are only out to make money for themselves. Anyone who buys from this company is not only wasting their money but are also being scammed.

I worked their for 4 years and was pushed to do stuff that I did not want to do constantly. Double billing, questionable billing techniques, heck, I was even told to ignore refunds for customers just so that they were inelligble for the refund. How can anyone say that this company is good? They cannot, and are working for ZAKEN (the actual company) in efforts to make sure that the last comment is a good one.

They have a great marketing department and thats how that company makes their money. By fooling people into thinking that you are one of the lucky few to be chosen to make money with them.



i disagree with you chents81 because i think that zaken is the best in-home business youre best off with. the way they you make money from them is just so simple.

you get 50% profits is that not amazing? i dont think you can be better off with anything else other than Zaken.


if anyone buys their programs your better off just getting your own membership with Those "deals" that they are selling to you is not only a load of false promises but its also cheaper to bypass Zaken when it comes to buying stuff from "them".

They will buy something from megagoods and sell it to you with a 300% mark up is what I last heard. So that price your seeing or hearing on one of Zakens websites is actually 200% less somewhere else. This is probably one reason that no one makes money. Zaken ask you to find excess merchandise, its quicksell program, and you have to find something that cost $5 at big lots, and Zaken wants it for $.01.

They're drop shippers all around the country and they are cheaper deals out there than Zaken. Zaken is all about taking your hard earned money. Zaken is out to make as much money as it can right now. They will take advantage of as many people as they can before they go out of business and move operation again.

Zakens merchandise is nothing but broken watches, low grade wallets, lower grade sunglasses, unfashionable clothing, and cheap little knick knacks that are not worth anything these days. Megagoods is the place where they buy your order (good stuff) from and then ship it to you believing it was zaken after you were scammed out of about 200% of your money for buying your product (merchandise). For shame Zaken. Zaken says it has a huge warehouse filled with merchandise...for what?

There warehouse is filled with nothing but that cheap stuff i mentioned above, and the other 2/5ths of it are filled misc stuff that is there for "looks" in case the DA comes to shut down their operation. At least, thats how it looks from someon who worked their for 4 years.


Ive been working with Zaken for the past couple of months. I am 100% satisfied with their amazing program.

Its a great opportunity and the people complain that they are not making are just simply lazy. I am making more money than I ever have in my life. I am telling all my friends about it and they are thinking of starting it too. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY CALL ZAKEN!!

if you start working with them do not expect to make money if you are just going to be lazy. If you actually try with their program you WILL make money no doubt.

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