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I recieved a letter from Zaken Corporation today in the mail, and it looked good on how you can make money, but after carefull review of all the bad things listed on this website, I got up and threw it in the trash without further reading it. Be safe and do you homework on scam companies, thanks to all the people that wrote about this, because you have saved me a lot of headaches.

These people need to stop scamming us hardworking americans of there money and find something else to do.

If enough people would stand up and speak out they would not be in buisness anymore.

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Wow so much complaining...everybody stop and start appreciating what they actually do.


My experience was okay with them but not good enough. I got a full refund though which was pretty fair.


wow me too. every experience was positive.

I didn't have any problems whatsoever. Many people complain but also many people are satisfied.


My experience with Zaken has been nothing but positive. Great company.


Joldham, I really think you should have researched more before deciding that The Zaken Corp was a scam. I really wished I would have tried this a long time ago because I've never made more money with anything else I've tried and trust me, I've tried many work-at-home programs and this is by far the best.

I've made a lot of money over the past few months so maybe you should give it a shot before you start judging and telling people that something that actually works is a scam. It's actually kind of sad, many "hard working Americans" could have made a lot of money by now if you wouldn't have just judged a book by it's cover.


The major problem with this company is that there are too many hidden charges, after the initial package. As soon as one receives the initial program, they are bombarded with offer after offer to better your chances of improving the initial business.

The initial offer is, fairly reasonable, but expensive. The second letter will cost you $300+ to upgrade to, really make money. I feel that it is very, very bad business practices!! Any company, with integrity will give you upfront fees, charges, et cetera.

But, right now I am fightin to get my monies back from the company. I, just keep getting the run-around. I don't care what the news has to report, in a positive way. If the reporters have not business with the company, they have no way of inowing what's really real.

You made the best decision. Keep your money in your pocket, Have a good day!!

I worked hard to try and close a deal with Zaken and I finally did... $3,440 :)

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