OK so i got the letter today for yet another at home "scam" i get these all the time hoping to get something in return but all of it is false if they really want help from someone like me who has absolutely no money to even get started maybe they should try with their "millions" of dollars to just get someone started to prove for real that its true, where is the real help out there when do we get a break? I dont want a handout just a little help, thats all i ask!

when do the people in "poverty" get the help they need????

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Zaken is a great help for people in "poverty". The amount of income you can get from Zaken is way over the poverty amount.

That is if you actually try.

The income you get from them is enough for an actual living to be exact. Thats what people aren't understanding.


The Zaken Corp is most definitely not a scam. there is no way they are a scam.

if u dnt have money and are scared to invest than dont but tht doesnt mean tht the zaken corp is a scam. even if u did invest and u didnt have a lot of money, you would've started to build your life again as long as u put in the effort.


I have worked with all the managers for this company and I can assure you that they are only out to make money for themselves. Anyone who buys from this company is not only wasting their money but are also being scammed.

I worked their for 4 years and was pushed to do stuff that I did not want to do constantly. Double billing, questionable billing techniques, heck, I was even told to ignore refunds for customers just so that they were inelligble for the refund. How can anyone say that this company is good? They cannot, and are working for ZAKEN (the actual company) in efforts to make sure that the last comment is a good one.

They have a great marketing department and thats how that company makes their money. By fooling people into thinking that you are one of the lucky few to be chosen to make money with them.



If Zaken really is a scam and it really does suck, then tell me how I made $2000 on my first week.


the author or this complaint is valid. and to the person who suggested zaken is a hard working company...you must be an employee, and if so, you know that its working hard on its input and not its output.

the only way to make money working for zaken is to be one of their "business consultants" who are actually salemen. I used to work for this god awful company so I know what I am talking about.


Well you're one out of many people that have failed with Zaken. Even people that I know have succeeded with the Zaken Company. Maybe you should check yourself before you complain about hard working businesses.


It's kind of weird that you didn't make money because when I worked with Zaken I made a lot of money in my first deal. A lot of people are complaining and I really wish they would just experience Zaken without all their laziness.

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