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I am so pleased and sadden at the same time.Sadden because all of you good people lost hard earned money with this company.and Pleased that you all wrote about your experience.

I was reading the Information I received in the mail.It sounded so great(TO GOOD TO BE TRUE) I thought I would do a search. Boy am I happy I did. I have been burned to many times to count. I am so thankful for sites like these.

After reading about this company I have since tossed the whole envelope in the trash.

Thank You All !!!!!

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Its too easy to make money as far as the Zaken corp.Outside of Zaken, its a jungle.

You have to catch opportunities before anyone else does.

Thats why it is almost impossible to make a living today.Which is why Zaken is for you


:p I am basically laughing at anyone who fails at Zaken's program.It is so easy and simple that its funny.

I think the only way to fail at it is if you just don't follow their rules and steps.

Ask them questions, tell them you're problems, eventually they will sell your submissions and you'll make a large commission.the key is the steps..


Looks like all the posting about this company are negative.thats one thing that I don't understand.

If so many people failed then why is it that I didn't lose, but succeeded and made a lot of money?I did exactly what I was told to do so maybe most people did something wrong...


I am actually very pleased by Zaken. Before i started working with them I checked out all their reviews online and some were good and some were bad. I was in desperate need for money so I was willing to take the risk. I gave them a call and paid them the 150$ and i started working with them. I quickly made a 700$ profit and it was less challenging than I thought. I really like this company and recommend it to everyone else.


Denver, CO


Thank you all for the warnings. Hopefully you all who have lost money will recover it but if not then take comfort in the fact that your experience and posting it here is keeping Zaken from bilking other people.


Thank you to all who have posted their comments regarding the "Zaken Corp." I to have just received a 15 page letter telling me how much money I can make over and over again.This put me on high alert and went on-line to research the company.

After much reading and research have come to the conclusion that this is just another scam making it's money on sign up fees and empty promises. Please do the research before getting involved.

Ask for references and contact information, if they are legitimate they will give you what you need and not ignore you.:(


oh man...thanks guys! ;)


:cry I thought Maybe!!!!!!



It is true that that Zaken,s corporation is a scam and their program is hoax, however be careful since there is another scam that I call it scam over scam.The scam over scam works very easy.

Some dishonest people add their comments under yours by semphtizing of your situation and telling you that they find a better program to follow their leads.Bottom line there is no home business program exists without working hard and effort to make money.


I too received the 15 page letter and thought, please, this can't be real!If you really take a moment to read the letter slowly, you soon realize that this guy is doing everything he can to sell you over and over...how many times does he say how much you can make and how quickly?

How many times does he reiterate is money back guaratees? When someone is selling that hard, I become very leary! The other part that just infuriates me is how people will ask for outrageous fees in these times!! Most people I know are scratching and scrimping any way they can just to pay bills and keep food on the table....If I had $174 dollars (includes rush charges) I'l be apt to pay down a debt or something critical to my sustaining this recession!

Anyway, it really does demonstrate how there are wicked people in the world all together too willing to rip off the down trodden...as always, sooner or later these peole are exposed for what they really are!

So if someone tells you that little pink piglets really do fly, and "yes, Dorothy there really is a Santa Claus", I suggest you run...don't walk...run 'cause it's almost certain they're selling you a pipe dream!:x

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