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This is a scam address HTTPSWWW.BITE CA

I ordered a portable scooter on my credit card on September 5,2019 and the company never sent it to me. Further more their address isn't legit when I tried to find what they charged to my credit card.Has anyone ever dealt with this fake address? They put out a whole web site with pictures and all and it was all fake and no where to be found now.
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Same thing happened to me, but a "flash sale" on a portable shed. :(

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The Zaken Corporation - Many Items Review from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Well lets see found many different items and they claim have 1000's of buyers for merchandise?well it seems to me they go behind your back with themselves or other liquidators and get rid of it as the volume i have found and submitted would of been easily rich?but no notta nothing zilch from them?especially after working it for a very long time so i gave up?they should also be pursued for selling the goods behind out backs for there own gain?
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Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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I also am on disability and purchased the program. I was unable to get anyone to purchase the merchandise. Every call resulted in a sales pitch for more services, leads or hosting. I just stopped trying and am stuck with the 'training' material. If anyone knows how...
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THE BIGGEST SCAM I HAVE EVER BEEN IN- I bought CATALOGS and names of "clients" and every thing was a "scam" , cost me $4800.00 dollars. I also spent $100s of dallars on postage, and never made a dime.

I had people wanting to sell excess goods, told Zaken about it and never heard from them. what a scam.

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  • Directory was thousands extra
  • Leads were extra
  • Coaching was extra
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Paid with a check that had insuffient funds

I signed up with Zaken in March,2013. After looking at their literature I decided that it wasn't too good so in April I sent it back. They sent me a check made out to the Zaken Corp as a down payment on another program. I told them I didn't want it and after that I couldn't get them to answer the phone or my e-mail. I turned it over to the BBB and then they sent me a check. My bank deposited it twice and both tomes it came back NON SUFFICIENT FUNDS. Since then no one will return my calls or the BBB. So apparently they are not the multi-million dollar company they say they are.
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Kit Cancellation

I ordered the 90-Day Risk-Free Trial, was not happy; sent the kit back, along with a letter of cancellation. Requested my money back, and they keep passing me around. I have not got my money back and no one has called me back. I have left numerous messages.I am tired of calling them. I will report them to the Better Business Baura for investigation. Something needs to be done about people that takes money from innocent hard working people. When they decide to take advantage of these opportunities, they make sacrifices to better them selves not to be robbed.
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Jonesboro, Georgia

Dale Comstock

Gave them my $2000.00. After an extended time got a web site and postcards. Mailed 325 cards. got nothing. Web site hasn't changed in 3 months and the company website (the same one as mine) has been the same for much longer I'm sure. There is no way to get to the advertised 1000s of items in the claimed 38,000 sq ft warehouse. They do not respond to my emails. I question if there really is a Tiran Zaken. Meets the qualifications in my mind of a SCAM. There are some positive comments here. Perhaps they would be specific on how they make it work!
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Hartford, Connecticut
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5/10/13 i bought the zaken home business opportunity, before reading about the numerous complaints on the web. i had already gotten the informaton. i got my first customer, to send in her sample line of winter clothing, for markdown sale. it was 5,000.00 worth of clothing. i tried to follow up on selling potential. i could not get any feedback. no answer to e-mail/phone calls/numerous of both sent. now the customer wants her clothing back after 4 months. now i canno't get any response/answering machine messages being left by me. this is a SCAM !! clothing customer, is now talking about putting my name in collection agency. i am fighting against this, because the clothing was all shipped direct to zaken corporation! this is a SCAM !! do not trust them !!!
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I used to work at Zaken it's a scam

While I worked at zaken I learned that they take advantage of anyone they can. Especially the elderly and disabled. Once they get your credit card information you will more than likely never hear from them again. They prey on people who believe the dream of one day striking it rich. Please do not ever do business with these people because you will regret it. The people they advertise as getting a check for 1,000,000.000 today are all lies. I have never once talked to someone who made a penny using the Zaken corporation. My job there was to schedule appointments with clients that they employees never intended on keeping. All they do is reschedule reschedule reschedule.
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Los Angeles, California

Nothing sold for me

After having a website that did not generate any leads, I was talked into getting the $3000 package. Because I was spending so much money, I decided to do everything to make it work. I mailed postcards, made phone calls, joined internet forums and even created a twitter account where I now have 40000 followers. Almost one hundred companies have submitted their inventory to my website. Sometimes, I got email saying that inventory was submitted to my website. Sometimes I got email (from Jonathan R, Amanda, Nicole, Allen, Keith Botts, Carole Kibbe, Alicia M, Alicia, Kirsten ,Rhonni S) saying that a template of the inventory was being made to be submitted to their buyers. I thought the 80-20 rule will work for me, and Zaken Corp will sell about 20% of what was submitted. But so far, they have sold NOTHING. Right now I would settle for just one sale. Just so I can say that I was not scammed.
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Brooklyn, New York

Know zakens company people are very true

The zakens corporation is run by a group of fine christain young people who believe in giving a person there moneys worth.All you have to do is join to get very, very rich over night. A person just received today a check over $ 100.000.000 dollars . All you have to do is be a business minded person and be willing to only work alittle each day . Ive got more money than I could possible spend the rest of my life. Thanks to the zakens corporation . MR RICH . 10-12-12 jd framed frank d. anderson, john hopkins, elvis pannellin, eward l. sinerister,
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Yeah, they are so Christian they are all from Israel!!! lol

And here is a link to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT case against them. They are in major trouble!!!****/index.shtm


Crooks and liars. If these guys are Chistians, they should be fed to the lions.


Yes! I agree with you. They are the reason I own my dream car and more importantly, dream house!



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Chesapeake, Virginia
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Completely Legit Company

Some people think that the Zaken Corp is a scam? Why are folks so ignorant today? How else are people planning to make money today? And yet people are complaining about the economy and that they cant find jobs and all that whining. If you cant find a job or you're not making enough money, why wouldn't contact Zaken. They have a program that's straightforward and I myself have made really descent money from this. If you contact them, they will send you a letter that explains all the steps and information. If you start it and you don't like it then you can get a full refund by a certain deadline. I recommend this to everyone.
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Los Angeles, California

Charged me $2,300.00 for building a website,with no results.

Zaken Corp. is a SCAM, charged my credit card $2,300.00 one year ago to build a Web site for my daughter-in-law, that presented 99 cent store junk, I receive a letter June 1, 2012 that website is no longer active. I know for a fact, that many people purchased the inferior junk offered by Zaken but she was never infomed of any SALES, not once. None of their promises were kept. Constant letters to upgrade the website is all we have received. All I want is a whole or partial REFUND OF MY $2,300.00. Clarese Owens, Gardena Ca.
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There are complaints against every good company including this one. Even if it has complaints that doesnt mean that its a bad company because you wont find a company that doesnt have a complaint against it. I think Zaken is great


Before you put any money into a make money from home ad, call the attorney General of that state, and see if there are any complaints against them. Also, do your due-dilligence and check them out on google and the scam sites.

Sometimes, you need to work the programs awhile and do some marketing yourself to get going.

There are thousands of ads stating I made this much money online.

Again, do your due dilligence. Call some of the people already working the sites.


no youre wrong, i made thousands off this company and you dont know me or anything about me so dont assume things


Bridget Knost is probably working for Zaken, this opportunity is fake and is very obvious to any reasonably smart person.


I have also invested into a website in Zaken Corp. Except, the website succeeded perfectly.

I made a lot more than I invested.

Give them a call and get this fixed. I'm sure you'd be able to work something out.


These people are fraudulent to the nth degree! They have several scams running they got me for the web site thing too.

I had my family buy things from my site and they got nothing for their money and I was told I never sold a thing!!!

My family spent 1500 dollars and got nothing!!!! Stay far far away from any thing these predators offer up!!

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Los Angeles, California
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Sent me a letter yesterday

I was sent a letter yestrerday saying that only Tiran Zaken only needed 75 more people in his wonderful company and I was among one of them. I read through the 13 page letter just to see what bs he was trying to sale me. It all sounded very good and promising if you are one of the dumb ones to believe in his scam. I started laughing at the part where you have to send him in money first to make money, right there is a red flag for you unless it is a company you know is a good soarce. When someone tells you you will make thousands in a week working just 1 or 2 hours a day is a scam. I thank them for sending me there junk mail because it makes great fire starter for our summer camp fires. Before you send any money to an unknown company or says they are your life saver check them out at the BBB and all scam lists on the internet. Remember when you call them to ask questions they will sale you a story that you can't refuse because they are trained scammers and are very good at ther job in doing so.
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And now they are "out of business" and I'm one who is left holding nothing except credit card debt of $30000.00 and feeling really ***!


Listen, I personally don't believe any qf this *** a scam it is I actually did my homework qn this company and they happen to be me qne qf the biggest scam that ever existed, not only is it a scam but the FEDS are investigating them as we speak. It's sad that people are sq desperate today that they will dq anything for a dollar.

Well if you do your homework before sending any funds you will not lose out. People stop being sq quick t respqnding too get rich quick schemes.


Yep I got the letter on Jan.9th. Saying the same that 75 agents needed in my area.

I just love getting all this junk paper cause I like a good camp fire on these cool evenings and it does make a great fire starter.

One more thing if Zaken is such a Multi- Millionaire why would he want me to send him money.So much of a SCAM but keep sending me fire starting paper. :grin


All any single individual has to do is to look on the website. There is your answer.

Its spelled SCAM. :eek


I just sent my money to the company. Jodi and Stanley-it is refreshing to hear from you both.

What the others don't seem to understand is their attitude. Always the fault of someone else that things don't work for them. Find me one perfect company.

I have worked for some great companies but due to personalities (which the companies are run by) there are always opportunities for improvement. Thanks.


The smart one, I've successfully worked with Zaken and made a lot of money so what do you know about me?


Northwood very well said, any reasonably smart person whould know this is a scam. Jodie and Stanley are poor sould that have something to do with Zaken which is also obvious.

If money was made this easy everyone would do it and Zaken wouldn't be such a great guy who loves helping but a greedy *** as he is.

Anyways those letters are good fire starters, keep sending them. :grin


I told one of my friends about Zaken and she decided to give them a try. So she called them and they sent her the letter also.

She invested I think around $3000 into Zaken. She started working from home which first of all gave her more time with her kids. Only days later she started making thousands a week. She told me she was making more money than she ever has in her entire life.

And I don't get what my comments have to do with pissed consumer, inside man.

I'm sure you're not lying about some people that fail with the program but that doesn't mean that everyone loses all the money they invested. Overall, in my opinion I think working withZaken is a good decision.


Excuse yourself Jodie. Can you put more than simple sentences together.

And I like how you have heard about successful stories, but if they are so good share with me your stories. That's funny cause in the time I was there I saw one guy make half if what he out into the company and that was it.

U was not fired I quit b/c I was sick to stomach at how unethical ti felt just working for zaken. I'm sorry Jodie and whoever compliments on zaken, but this is pissed consumer, not


Excuse me "inside man" I'm not an employee of Zaken. Just because I had a good experience and shared it doesn't mean that I'm an employee.

I've heard from many people their successful stories from their experience. They probably fired you for some reason which is why you're commenting about them in a negative way.

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Los Angeles, California
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The zaken corporation is good help

The program that Zaken owns is a very good help for people in debt. DO NOT be scared to invest money into Zaken because all the money you invest will come back x10. don't listen to peoples negative comments because they just failed it themselves. has nothing to do with the program because the program is proven to help many many people. if many people have done it, then so can u. u have nothing to lose or worry about because i doubt you'll lose one penny. start now because times are tough. for all of us. good luck
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Dreaming of making money from home will help you because thats what Zaken can do for you


It's so funny how all these positive comment come from California. Poor souls working for Zaken.

This is a SCAM, run from it, don't waste your money. Being lazy and dreaming of making money from home is not gonna help you.


yeah most definitely true. Contacting this company is a positive financial move guaranteed.


Tony, Zaken is a great "work from home" business. Look them up online and get their contact info and start making money


I'm seriously looking for a "work from home" business. If someone out there have had a good experience with "ZAKEN liquidation ", PLEASE,call "TONY" at (757)288-****


Whats the bad part in this? They give you steps on what to do, you do them, and you make money. How is there any possible way to get ripped off?


You're absolutely right. I've invested thousands in this company and I made double, triple the amount I invested.

People, you need to try it.

You don't even have to invest that much if you're not comfortable with it. But really, you'll make money.

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Los Angeles, California
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The work at home company

My wife just gave birth to our little girl a few weeks ago and I had to quit my job since I wasn't making enough money and we needed to stay home and take care of our daughter. I don't have any family that can help me out financially or with my baby. I tried making some money by looking at some work at home jobs but they were all BS. Finally, I found zaken and I tried them out and it was the best chance I had in support my daughter, my wife, and myself. I was making more than I was in my previous job that I quit. First check came in saved.
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If this is a legitimate company they should offer something like free trial of their system and not to take advantage of poor people looking for extra money. Everyone who is asking for money "in advance" before you start to work for them is a freaky scammer and should be put in jail.

I wish everyone best of luck in this so called "business opportunity". Unless you have some extra money to put in trashcan you should think ad least twice before you try and stay away from brainwashers like this.

They are playing on people's emotions hoping you make irresponsible decision. Beware !!!


NO one ever said anything about becoming a millionaire. It all depends on how hard you work and how many sales you make. No one said about becoming a millionaire, people said that they make thousands a month which is good enough.


Inside man I believe you, all the positive comments are poor souls from Zaken. Robert save your money, and like Portia said comment by Jamezz is not even logical. People should know that this is a scam, you don't become millionaire by doing nothing.


You had to quit work so both of you could stay home and take care of your child? This isn't even plausible.


Robert and John, this company is legit and they will help you make the money that you guys deserve. I don't know what inside man experienced while he was working there but I made all the money I needed with zakens help. I am now living happily and comfortably working with the Zaken corp.


I received in the mail today an offer to work hand-in-hand with Zaken Corporation for $164.00, excepting only the first 100. Is this legit or another work from home business scam?


Tried to get refund on program not for me as required to do All got run around calls never returned. Senior financial abuse Completely ignored no help Computer not savy not able to do ebay No bodyt cared about my health and ability to do this Even someone trying to help thoughtthis was lame


I received in the mail today an offer to work hand-in-hand with Zaken Corporation for $164.00, excepting only the first 100. Is this legit or another work from home business scam?


Robert if you're coming here to find out if zaken is legit, then don't read any positive things. This is pissedconsumer, not rejoiced consumer.

Any positive things written on here are employees of zaken. They know *** well that they scam people for everything. I used to work there and was disgusted how they can take peoples money and sleep with themselves at night. This company will leave you begging for your money back, and they will not budge one but.

I cannot count how many times I wanted to tell the customers how I was on their side completely, but that was out of the question. Please do yourself a favor and stay far far away


He is right, I ordered the product and I could not get anyone to help me start the business but Zaken Corp keep sending different mail every single day to buy more things from them for my new business. I honestly think they are more into selling books and tapes and instruction and postcards and so forth than actual business of liquidation of product. Unless They are liquidating books and tapes and instruction and postcards

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Los Angeles, California
New Reviewer


This is not a complaint. I posted my opinion here to share with all the angry people about my experience. I don't see why people would be ripped off by them. I checked them out, visited them, tried them out, and made money. I wish I knew what they did to make people think they got ripped off. Please share your experiences. Its hard for me to believe they did all of what people say. People say that they didnt sell any of their submissions yet Zaken sold all of my submissions and I make a lot. Please share your detailed stories. Thank You
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In-Sha-Allah ( if God Willing ) I wont get ripped off . I just ordered the kit last week and i'm excited and a little bit nervous not only because of all the little negative comments but spending all the little money i only had to help my family .

And i just told my wife a couple days ago what i had did. I just hope and pray that i made a right decision on this one.


People in California just happen to succeed at this company, especially because we can visit the headquarters in the outskirts of Los Angeles. We can meet these kind people face to face for help on advice on how to make money off this company program.


I've read all of the positive comments regarding Zaken Corp. and I have to say if one was to pay attention they would notice that most, if not all, of the positive claims are from "people/customers" in CA.

Say you're from MI or GA or any other state ... it's a complaint. What the Zaken Corp. fails to realize is that people who are smart wont and don't believe the positive comments.

So, maybe to make yourselves more believable ... be from somewhere else besides CA. And for everyone else, if you have to take that much money out of your pocket to pay for something job related and that doesn't include a uniform or something of the sort, RUN! Stay away it's all ***!

People who get to the top who aren't lottery winners didn't get there by taking the path most traveled. Good Luck to all of you.


Its probably anyone that succeeded through it loves it...


This is so funny, Californians love it I guess, or is it..Zakenians love it.


Well I just called them today. I talked to the manager and she sounded promising and honest.

All of these negative comments online are just intimidating me but I'll still give it a try. It sounds good


finally some good comments


I just got the 2nd check today from the Zaken corp. Its a pretty big check and so was the first one.

the third one will probably be big and the fourth one too. Thats what they're all about.


yeah these folks don't fool around. I've been doing a lot of research lately and I found out a lot about Zaken.

They have a good mentality and they will help you out.

Thats a fact because my friends got helped out and i visited their headquarters and I met the customer service and everything. they don't look dangerous to try out.


I heard that these ppl are good and serious. I ordered the kit and paid the fee i think was around $150.

I started doing all the work and followed all their instructions and they accepted all of my submissions and I was making hundreds in the first week.

It turned into thousands a couple of weeks later and I'm am so happy about it. they're good

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Paramount, California

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