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I want to thank all the people who have gone before me.

I had received this information package in the mail over the weekend. I just finished reading it last night. I was so excited about the possibility of such a business that I almost picked up the phone and paid by credit card over the phone. Something told me to first check them out on-line.

I thank you all for the postings that you have written. If you had not I would be paying for an expensive lesson.

Too bad that honesty doesn't have a place in this world any more.

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You should've called them before you checked these online reviews. If you weren't convinced by the internet and would've called them, then you probably would've made the money you needed. The people who posted bad reviews fail at easy things like making money through Zaken corp.


the world does have honesty especially through this business. people are so ignorant when they fail something.

they start blaming others for their mistakes. yes there are people that actually failed with it but those people start blaming the company. i disagree with them because i have worked with this company, yes i didn't make enough money but i know how they work.

the reason i didn't get as much money is because of my lack of effort. but they are good


I also received their information and every single thing they said happened. I made all the money I desired through them.

Contact them and give them a chance. I guarantee you it'll work out.


Well in my opinion I don't think you should listen to the people online that post these bad reviews. I have done this program and I made a lot of money.

You can give them a chance and if you don't really like it, you can get a full refund by the 30 day deadline.

The people that post the bad reviews online are the people that are lazy with Zaken. If you want to make money then give them a chance.


Does anyone know of an honest home based business? If so, please email


I just received mail from Zaken and Im so happy that I read these postings before investing. There are so many businesses out here that are selling their business plan, but no real results for the investor. Im tired of these companies that are getting over with their shananaghans.

i ordered the zaken kit when i got it was un happy and dissatisfied and ask for a refund and got my money all back except for shipping so all i was out was shipping cost so i was happy hope this helps! :p

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