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I made the mistake of ordering from Zaken. The entire first month the sites were down because they were upgrading the servers.

They didn't tell me when they took my money and I sent out 1500 mailers to promote a site that no one could access. Then they upgraded my site to a "$600" site to "make up" for the problems which again no one has been able to order from. I've sent them 3 emails about the problem and talked to them three times about it (two of the calls were today, however) and supposedly they will check it out. And because I ordered from one program instead of the other, MY program only has a 90-day return policy so I'm basically SOL for even the initial package.

I haven't been able to recoup even 1 cent of the money I have laid out to this company. Don't let these people take advantage of you, too...

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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You're disgusted? I don't know what people are looking for today to make some cash.

No one is satisfied with what companies like Zaken have to offer. I honestly don't know what more people want.

They have a perfect way to make some money right in front if them and they are "disgusted" by it. Individuals just need to learn to appreciate.


You're disgusted with this company? I doubt what they "did to you" isn't even their fault. any bad thing that happens to the customer is the customers own fault because they're supposed to do the work and make commission.


You're disgusted with this company? What happened to you?

I am anything but disgusted..

They're actually a company to love and appreciate. I have never whatsoever been ripped off or scammed by Zaken in any way and you can take my word for it.


One thing I don't understand is how it's possible for this business to make millions just buy ripping people off. If they make million then there has to be some good in them


If you were told to ignore people that wanted refunds then how come I got my refund with no problem? I wasn't doing so good with it so I called them and asked for my money back and I got it back in the mail within a few days


I have worked with all the managers for this company and I can assure you that they are only out to make money for themselves. Anyone who buys from this company is not only wasting their money but are also being scammed.

I worked their for 4 years and was pushed to do stuff that I did not want to do constantly. Double billing, questionable billing techniques, heck, I was even told to ignore refunds for customers just so that they were inelligble for the refund. How can anyone say that this company is good? They cannot, and are working for ZAKEN (the actual company) in efforts to make sure that the last comment is a good one.

They have a great marketing department and thats how that company makes their money. By fooling people into thinking that you are one of the lucky few to be chosen to make money with them.



i also ordered the program from zaken and i have to say that they are not a scam at all. i have made around $1700 in my first deal. it depends on how much effort you put into the program.


I ordered the program and it was a total scam. I would not advise anyone to fall for his scam.

Waste of time and money. Thinking about seeking legal action.

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