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After joining the Zaken Corporation I discovered that the whole operation was a scam. The materials they send you (required extra fees) are outdated, recycled, and ineffective.

They have the audacity to require even more fees for extra materials that are supposed to create even larger profits for the unwary "scout" of the liquidation deals. I didn't make a red cent. I want this testimonial to help anyone looking for a better way of life.

Here's hoping those bums get caught and thrown into jail. Then we'll see if they can scam their *** out of that.

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Absolutely 100% true. This corporation is a piece of ***.

They say your a lucky chosen few but after hearing that same sales pitch hours and hours each day gets a little old.

I felt bad for the people who bought into that siht. Zaken corp I hope you all rot in your dreams at night


Zaken did not scam you, you just didnt succeed.


I have also evaluated the Zaken Corp and it kind of seemed like a scam because they seemed just "too good". Then I did some research and I met up with some people that have tried Zaken's program.

Most of them said that they have made a lot of money from their program and the other said that they didn't make that much but they still made. The ones that didn't make that much said that they were too busy with family and their other job and they returned it before the 30 days and got a full refund.

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