I have twice received a packet of junk mail from the Taran Zaken corporation in the past two weeks. I looked up the businesses rating on the BBB site and it has a rating of F.

I called to get my address taken off their mailing list and was given a second number. I called that number and was given a THIRD number via recording.

If there is this much run around to simply get off the mailing list I would hate to have a real problem. I am adding to this review to satisfy this websites questionable standard of 100 words.

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It's obvious to me that there are people that are pissed for a reason! Why would people make up stories about this company?

Then again, why would people defend this company claiming to be happily ever after?

Only two possible answers on the defense part, One, some people didn't get screwed over, or the company is hiring workers pretending to have good experiences wih the company. I think I will chose not to contact this company due to the amount of complaints from different locations about this company.


Wait...you titled this posting "Harassment from Zaken Corp." How does that have anything to do with harassment. Do you even know what harassment is?


The BBB does not mean ****


You actually pay $150 at the beginning to start the program and then you invest as much money as you want and then you make the profits that Zaken makes. I don't really think its a scam.


Hey I just got this letter from The Zaken Corp. in the mail today, and decided to check them out because the company is lying to us from the start.

First, they claim that you don't use your own money then turn around and ask for money at the end of their scam. People, if it's too good to be true than it's not. And please watch out for companies that ask for money most often this are the scammers.

P.S. sounds like all the good reviews are scammers too.


to be honest, the BBB rating doesn't mean squat. Ive seen many great companies that had an F in the BBB website and I've seen many bad companies that had an A in the BBB website. The F they gave Zaken isn't fair because they're not a rip off or anything like that.


I can't get sued for giving my opinion about Zaken. That is probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

And just because I had a good experience with Zaken and I am sharing it then I am a fake and a fraud? you're not making sense to me


Actually no i was not fired. i was constantly asked to illegal business practices and put off those "big commission" checks that would be for about $5 to the 10 associates that would actually make any profit.

oh...and that is a month. zaken takes in hundreds of thousands and puts out $50 a month in commissions. ypu dont have to be let go or fired to know that zaken is a scam.

i worked there for a long time (to their track record) and know how it really is. what i can say is that you are a fake and a fraud and anyone who buys the program with false hopes and loses their money should sue you for misleading them


Did they fire you which is causing you to write negative comments about them? I though they were great so I completely disagree


oh geeze, stop with the fake promises people. This company is nothing but short of a SCAM.

I handled those "remove from mailing list" letters and you know what I was told to do? Put them in a box and get to them when I could, which was never cause ZAKEN runs its corporation like it was running a sweat shop, hard labor, cheap pay.

The hard labor I am talking about is suckering people to buy their copied and imitated program. FAKE, SCAM, RIP OFF, ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICES, FAULTY ADVERTISING, should I keep going?


thats funny i also checked out the BBB on zaken and it really did show an F as a rating.. thats really weird because i tried zakens program and i had not one complaint about this company.

they were making me more money than i ever was making. if it was up to me i would rate it at about an A.


It's kind of confusing to me that a problem like this happened to you because in the past I've worked for the Zaken Corp and it's a great company. A lot of their clients actually make good cash. When I worked there I haven't really gotten any complaints.

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